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Issue 1: Pilot

This is our Pilot Issue. It was a sampler issue that we released in January 2021 to “test the waters”. It was a big hit! The purpose of this issue was to show people what kind of content we provide by looking through this “sampler” issue. We have since discontinued this issue as we no longer feel that it gives a full preview of what we offer in each of our issues. Instead, you can now preview each issue on its product page. You can read more about the reasons behind this decision in the Pilot Issue blog article we wrote.

We hope you understand and that you will enjoy our quarterly magazine subscription, issues, and patterns!


If you want to get more for your money, you can subscribe for $40! You’ll get four issues each year and each issue will be packed with 3-4 full-sized quilt patterns, 1-2 mini quilt patterns, articles, tutorials, and lots of quilty inspiration! This option is, by far, the best deal!