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Are you interested in submitting a project or pattern to be in a future issue of Modish Quilter Magazine? We would love to review your submissions! 


-Patterns, projects and/or articles cannot be previously published and will be exclusive to the magazine for 3 months after the issue with your content has been published.

-Content must be all original and is the duty of the contributor to ensure this

Issue 12: "Texture"

Releases October 9, 2023

-Submission for review deadline is June 1st

-Final mock-up deadline is June 15th

-Content completion deadline is August 1st

Issue 13: "retro"

Releases January 8, 2024

-Submission for review deadline is Sept. 1st, 2023

-Final mock-up deadline is Sept. 15th, 2023

-Content completion deadline is Nov. 1st, 2023

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Do you have a product or service that you want to advertise in our magazine? We are always looking for companies that are in line with our content and feed to bring the best info and products to our modern quilters!


-All ads are one full page. We do not offer half pages as we want to keep the magazine looking clean and fresh. 

-Ads can be submitted as PDF, PNG or JPEG

-Ads should be created as a portrait style 8.5 x 11 page

-We reserve the right to alter the look of ads to stay in line with the look of our magazine (all final drafts will be approved by you if changes are made).

one issue ad

$100 if you provide the ad yourselves

$175 if you would like to provide us with the content and have us create the ad for you

full year of ads

$380 for a year of advertising (four issues) if you provide the ad yourselves

$455 for a year of advertising (four issues) if you would like to provide us with the content and have us create the ad for you

$500 for a year of advertising (four issues) if you would like us to create a new ad or update the ad for each issue (four issues) if you provide us with the content to update the ads with

Email us to discuss including your ad in a future issue. 


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