There are a lot of things that make a quilt pattern modern and it is hard to define. But some of the biggest defining factors are: negative space, solid colors, abstract, geometric, unique, clean lines, etc. A modern quilt can be any or all of these defining factors. We strive to include quilts and patterns that we feel are in line with the essence of our magazine.

We release a new issue every quarter. So there are 4 issues released each year. They release in January, April, July, and October. 

Yes! When you purchase a one year subscription, it will start with the current issue and continue until you have received 4 issues.

Yes! We are always looking for new talent to include in our magazine! Head over to our Submissions page to see what’s coming up! 

No. At this time we choose to be digital. This is not only more cost effective for us and you, but decreases waste and is in line with the modern world we live in.

We look at the design, color, and overall feel of the pattern. We want something unique but also in line with the feel of our magazine: modern, clean, fun, and new!

You would first send us a mock-up of a quilt pattern idea that has not been published before. Then, if we decide to include it, we will talk about what kind of color palette to go with for the issue that you will be featured in. We will send you a document with deadlines and requirements. You will make the quilt with the colors we discussed and send us the finished product for photography! We will send it back when we are done. 

There is a waiting period before you can sell the pattern yourself. We would own the rights to sell the pattern for 3 months after the issue with your pattern is released. So you would not be able to released the pattern for 3 months. 

Yes! You will continue to have access to all issues you have previously purchased.

You can cancel your subscription anytime, but we do not offer refunds. When you cancel, you will still receive issues through the end of your subscription cycle. Once you have cancelled, you can always log back in to access your purchased issues.

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