** As of January 3rd, 2024, we are no longer accepting new Subscriptions. Read more about this here. **

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The New MQ

Welcome to the new MQ, home of Modish Quilter Magazine and community! We are excited to roll out some new changes- for the better! Our previous website didn’t fully encompass all that we want to do here at MQ. We want to inspire you, teach you, and most of all, we want to provide you with a modern and fun experience!

So What's the new mq?

There are a couple of major changes that have come with the new MQ website. The first big change is that we have decided to discontinue the free Pilot Issue. That issue was our first try. It was a sampling of what we provide. Now that we have been in business for almost a year and we have learned so much, we feel that the Pilot Issue no longer is a full representation of our issues and what we provide. 

Since we have discontinued the Pilot Issue, we will now be offering a couple of sneak peak pages for each issue on the issue’s product webpage. We hope that this will excite you about the content in each issue as you look thru the sneak peaks. We are confident that our issues are good enough to stand on their own without the help of the Pilot Issue. 

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The mq Blog

As you can tell here, we have also roll out a new feature! The MQ Blog! We are excited to add this feature as we hope it will help us to connect with the quilting community on a more personal level. We hope you will enjoy this too as we will have guest bloggers, spotlights, and issue summaries! You can join our newsletter emailing list to stay up to date. 

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the MQ pattern shop

The biggest change that I am most excited about is that we will now be selling some of the patterns from each of our past issues as stand alone patterns. You will be able to see and purchase past patterns written by the MQ team on our website. But keep in mind, that you get more bang for your buck if you spend $4 more to purchase the entire issue that pattern was published in!

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WHat's the same?

But don’t worry! Even with all these changes, you will still be able to access your purchased issues, access your subscription, view your issues as a flipbook, and download your issues as a PDF. It’s all the same goodness presented in a better format! 

From the beginning, MQ has been all about being the leading magazine for the modern quilter. We know that there are many magazines out there that you can choose from. But we promise to bring you fresh modern patterns, new inspiration, new fun people to follow, fun projects, tutorials, and articles! 

So take a look around! We hope you like what you see.