Happy New Year everyone! It’s that time again to make and set new year goals! Here at MQ, we are coming up on our one year anniversary! Say what? Where has the time gone? Like, seriously!

Reflecting on 2021

Before we start making goals for the new year, I want to take a moment to reflect on our goals for the last year.

In 2021, we set out to start a new company that provides a digital magazine for the modern quilter! We wanted to be a source of news, inspiration, creativity and passion for the quilting world. 

Last January we made a goal of putting together a “pilot” issue and releasing it for free to see what the public would think. We were overwhelmed with the love and support! And so, we set out to start creating REAL issues with REAL content! 

In the year 2021, we published:

  • One pilot issue
  • 3 full sized issues
  • 7 quilt patterns in issues and as freebies
  • 9 other designers whose patterns we featured in our issues
  • and many more articles, tutorials and inspiration


Our expectations were met and exceeded and it’s all thanks to our loving supporters! We are so grateful to each of you! 

Here's to the new year!

On this, our one yeariversary, we look forward to the year 2022 with hope and excitement! Some of our goals include:

  • Bringing you more quilting inspiration through the next 4 issues.
  • Collaborating with new designers and providing modern, unique, and interesting new patterns.
  • Creating a community here on our blog, on social media, and through our newsletter.

We are excited to have you be part of this exciting journey with us and welcome all those who join us this year!

Setting New Year Goals

What about you? Do you ever wonder what you should be setting goals for or how? Here is a quick run down of some categories and tips on goal setting.

There are five major categories in your life that you should set goals for: Mental, Intellectual, Emotional, Spiritual, and Physical.

Goal Setting Categories

For each category, you can make one or two goals. The key to making goals is setting yourself up for success. You can’t just set a goal to win a million dollars- you have to take steps! Like, “I’m going to buy 10 lotto tickets every day for the whole year” (this is obviously a ridiculous example and not recommended).

Set yourself up for success! Think about what it will take to reach your goal and then write down the steps you plan to take in order to reach your goal! If you write these things down and put them somewhere you will see often, it will help hold you accountable to your goals.

It’s also always recommended that you share your goals with someone else who you don’t want to let down! Maybe a partner, parent, or mentor. Whoever it is, they can help you stay on track! And vice versa!

Go Forth and make it happen!

Dreams don’t just happen over night. They take time and they take effort. I am a firm believer that if you want something bad enough- you will find the way and the will to make it happen! So, whether you want to finally make that leap from hobbiest to entrepreneur, or want to make a one quilt per month, or try a new technique or creative medium- there are goals to set and dreams to follow!

So, go forth, my quilty loves! And make your dreams come true!

Happy Yeariversary everyone! Cheers!

Be sure to check out all our patterns and issues that were released in 2021 in our Issue Shop and Pattern Shop.

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