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Quilt Con 2022 Recap

Quilt Con has been a dream of ours from the very beginning! We have been planning this trip for months. Something about have a booth at an event show just seems so official, doesn’t it? A dream come true. 

Planning a booth at Quilt Con took a lot of work, but was so much fun! And we want to share that process with you. 

Quilt Con Booth

People go to Quilt Con to learn, socialize, and buy! It’s a big draw to be able to do all of these things amongst like-minded and quilting friends. As a digital company, we tried to think of ways to lean into each of these areas.

Learn: Modish Quilter Magazine is all about learning! We provide issues with new patterns, new techniques, articles, interviews, etc. Hopefully there is something new to learn for everyone in each issue. At our booth, we set up stands with tablets in them so that people could browse our issues and see what we bring to the table. 

Quilt Con Booth

Socialize: It didn’t happen if you didn’t take a picture of it, right?? We included a cute photo booth and props for quilters and their friends to capture the moment of being at Quilt Con. It was so much fun watching quilters really get into it and having fun. We loved getting to know each of you a little better!

Buy: Since we didn’t have a physical product for you to buy right then and there, we focused on brand recognition and familiarizing people with who we are. We had the cutest stickers to pass out and a new free sampler issue that gave people a good idea of what our full sized issues are like. 

Overall, we wanted our booth to feel inviting, fun, fresh, and modern! Mission accomplished!

Quilt Con QUILTS

You can’t talk about Quilt Con and NOT talk about all the quilts that were on display this year. There were SO many amazing quilts and inspiring designs and colors. I was so impressed and wished I had more time to go through them all again. 

If you didn’t get to go and see for yourself, here’s a gallery of some of my favorites! 


The overall best part of the whole experience was by far the people! It was so amazing being able to meet face to face with friends I’ve only known over Instagram (what a strange world we live in, huh?). We also made new friends and met lots of fans and subscribers! 

Thank you so much, to each of you, for standing with us and being a part of our journey and our Modish Quilter Community! We love you all so much and we are honored to be your go-to quilting magazine!

See you all again next year at Quilt Con 2023 in Atlanta, GA!