At Quilt Con last week we released our new 2023 Sampler Issue! It’s is mostly all the same as the free sampler from last year, but with one major change- the pattern! Last year’s pattern was the Nouvou pattern, which you can now find in our pattern shop for sale as an individual pattern. It has been replaced with the Diamond Drizzle Pattern! An equally beautiful and modern pattern that we know you’ll just HAVE to make for yourself!

Diamond Drizzle pattern

Diamond Drizzle quilt pattern

This pattern was truly a group effort here on our Modish Quilter Team! Elyse designed it, Kiley wrote it, Erin made it, and Megan photographed it! All in an effort to bring you our very best for the new 2023 Sampler Issue! This pattern has curved piecing that gives the appears of clamshells without the pesky Y-Seams! There is also lots of negative space to get creative with your quilting design! You can get this pattern and so much more in the Sampler Issue!


Find out what kind of Modern Quilter you are! Are you a Modern Traditionalist, Minimalist, Pop Modernist, Geometric Modernist, or Improvisationalist? Whichever you are, there’s a fun pouch tutorial and design just for your style! 

And, just like each of our full-sized issues, you’ll get a fun recipe in our “Cook Less, Sew More” column, a plant in our “Plant Corner”, and a letter from me- the editor! You’ll also find lots of visual inspiration and quilts from some of our past issues! 

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