Our first annual Modish Quilter Retreat went SO well and we wanted to share with you a little quilt retreat recap to show you what you’ve been missing! 

First of all, Megan and I spent all morning on day 1 setting up the retreat venue in our matching “Quilt All Day Every Day” shirts. We decorated the whole house in quilts! We wanted to make sure you felt right at home.

Next was the quilting room! This venue had an amazing bonus room with tons of natural light coming in from every direction. We set up tables and chairs around the perimeter and down the center of the room. This amazing space came complete with a snack bar and mini fridge! We made sure to stock up! 


Quilt Retreat Recap

Quilt retreat goodie bags

As guests arrived, they unpacked their belongings and found their rooms! Each room came with a personalized goodie bag made up for each guest! We went ALL out on these! Each bag came with:

Quilt Retreat Goodie Bags


There are lots of different types of quilt retreats out there. Ours is a “sit-and-sew” style where you bring your own projects to work on! Quilters cut out their projects ahead of time so they could maximize sewing time. They brought as much as they thought they could accomplish in the four days we had together- and it was A LOT! We were so impressed by how much each person got done in such a short amount of time!

Market Bag Tutorial

Even though this is a “sit-and-sew” style quilt retreat, we did provide one small project for each quilter! Jamie, from Pink Peony Creations came and walked us all through making our own Market Bags by Sharon Holland. It is a free pattern that you can get on Sharon Holland’s website. It was so much fun! Jamie did a great job walking us step by step through the process. And now we all have our own Market bags to remember this retreat by.

Quilt Retreat 2023

shopping time!

No quilt retreat is complete without some shopping! The Pink Peony team came and set up an awesome little popup shop so we could browse and buy fabric. Both the fabric and presentation of the shop was perfection! Everyone loved having them there… maybe a little TOO much- $$$ haha! 

Hobbs Batting also provided us with two big rolls of their 100% Heirloom cotton batting! Everyone got to cut off and take home as much batting as they could carry! Big shout out to our friends at Hobbs!

hobbs batting


There is no Modish Quilter Retreat without a Modish Quilter Photoshoot! It was hard to find a good time to go take photos since it was too sunny most of the time. But we persevered! Check out some of the amazing quilt finishes that these ladies made while they were here! It’s amazing how much you can accomplish with so much uninterrupted time. 

Show and Tell

One of my favorite things about a quilt retreat are the people! It is always amazing to me that people from all walks of life with all kinds of personalities and differences can come together and connect over the same shared passion. We all love quilting. No matter if you are traditional or modern, young or old, new or experienced. Having a show-and-tell was a great way for each of us to introduce ourselves and share a little bit about our quilting journey and to show off what we are proud of! 

quilt retreat show and tell

quilt retreat recap

Overall, it was a great experience and everyone had a fantastic time! We can’t wait to do this again! Be sure to join our newsletter and check our Retreat page for updates on new Quilt Retreats. 

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