When planning our recent “Issue 11: Rainbow”, we wanted to design a pattern that would allow for more rainbow fabric than just your basic 7 colors of the rainbow. We chose 36 colors! We recently did a giveaway with Art Gallery Fabrics and Wonderfil for a FQ bundle of these 36 rainbow fabrics and coordinating threads. The bundle has been so popular that we decided to share the details of the fabric bundle with all of you! Below you will find a list of all the same fabrics from Art Gallery Fabrics, and some ideas for what to do with them!

The fabric

Our favorite brand of solid fabrics is Art Gallery Fabrics’ Pure Solids! Their motto is “feel the difference” and it really is true! We love how silky soft these fabrics feel while keeping their vibrant colors forever. AGF is always releasing new solids to add to their collection, but this is our list of favorite colors that will round out the rainbow in one 36 color bundle! 

  • London Red – PE 437
  • Flamingo – PE 473
  • Cactus Flower – PE 536
  • Quartz Pink – PE 411
  • Crystal Pink – PE 420
  • Cotton Candy – PE 487
  • Autumnal – PE 538
  • Burnt Orange – PE 406
  • Sweet Tangerine – PE 520
  • Summer Sun – PE 514
  • Pineapple – PE 553
  • Banana Cream – PE 435
  • Eucalyptus – PE 503
  • Patina Green – PE 447
  • Asparagus – PE 542
  • Meditation – PE 555
  • Tender Green – PE 412
  • Sprout – PE 541
  • Tile Blue – PE 418
  • Maldives – PE 497
  • Cozumel – PE 402
  • Mirage Blue – PE 424
  • Fresh Water – PE 403
  • Icy Mint – PE 451
  • Tranquil Waters – PE 434
  • Aero Blue – PE 477
  • Royal Cobalt – PE 455
  • Purple Pansy – PE 453
  • Wisteria – PE 533
  • Field of Lavender – PE 495
  • Ash – PE 410
  • Steel – PE 480
  • Magnetism – PE 481
  • Coffee Bean – PE 429
  • Vintage Walnut – PE 524
  • English Toffee – PE 525
rainbow fabric bundle

Color Card Decor

I like to incorporate my favorite colors into decor in my creative spaces as well as the rest of my home. When I was visiting the Art Gallery Fabrics headquarters last year, I notice a big beautiful wall of blown-up color swatch cards! I fell in love immediately and some for my own room. You can download my template and make one for your own space! 

First, print the templates out at 100% (not fit to page). I recommend printing on card stock paper. Cut out the outer rectangles of the templates. There are two per page. Then cut out a 3.5″ x 4″ piece of fabric and glue it to the center square of the template card. Now you can fill in the name of the fabric below it and tape them to the wall with some double sided tape! Super easy!

rainbow fabric patterns

color code pattern

There are lots of options when it comes to making rainbow patterns! Our obvious first choice is the Color Code pattern from “Issue 11: Rainbow“. This quilt was specifically designed to show off all the colors of the rainbow plus some in between. This pattern requires 36 FQs for all the different colored pencils. It would make the perfect gift for any teacher or artistic or creative friend!

Color Code pattern

color swatch pattern

I often find the most inspiration from color, so having color options on hand, always helps! This free pattern makes the perfect wall hanging for your office/crafting room to show off your favorite colors! You can download the free pattern here. 

Summer HEx Pattern

The Summer Hex pattern would make a great temperature quilt for warm colors or cool colors! The perfect use for your rainbow fabric bundle! You can also find the Summer Hex pattern in the Getting Into Shapes issue.

Warm Summer Hex
Cool Summer Hex

Diamond Haze Pattern

The Diamond Haze pattern looks great with a rainbow ombre on a dark background! You can find this pattern in the Slow Stitch Issue.

View our pattern shop for even more inspiration and ideas for what to make with your rainbow fabrics. 

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