Incorporating your quilting inspired home decor can be tricky, but so rewarding! Not only is quilting an expensive hobby, but time consuming and made with all your love! You should be able to display your hard work in a way that makes a statement and makes your guests’ jaws drop! 

how to incorporate quilts into your home decor

It’s important to first know what your design and aesthetic are for your home. If you plan to display your quilts or use them as part of your decor, you’ll want to make sure that you think about the colors of your home and the overall feel that you are trying to convey. Choose colors in your quilts that will compliment the style of you home. This will help your home look cohesive and well thought-out instead of chaotic or hectic.

Personally, I like to keep my home decor pretty neutral so that I can show off all the colors in my quilts and it won’t clash with my everyday decor. It has worked really well for me, and I definitely recommend it! Now I don’t feel restricted in color or style of quilt I want to display.

Once you have some quilts that will work well with your design, here are some different ways you can display them:

Hanging quilts

Nothing gives a statement quite like seeing a full quilt hanging on the wall in all its glory! If you have a nice big empty wall that is hard to decorate, or you just aren’t sure what to do with it- I recommend getting a quilt hanger! We love Lobo and Llama quilt hangers! They are beautiful and can accent your home decor with their wide variety of colors and stains. 

I love having these quilt hangers because they make it so easy to switch out my statement piece every season or holiday! Mine is near my front door so guests are sure to notice every time they walk out the door. It’s a great conversation started and a fun way to show off and talk about what I love to do.


Sometimes those extra blocks or test blocks don’t make it into a quilt. Turning them into a pillow, is a great way to use those blocks up! Pillows are a fantastic way to subtly incorporate quilting into your home decor. We even have a tutorial on how to make a pillow here on our blog. If you don’t have any extra blocks laying around you can find some great pillow patterns or make up your own! Make sure to use colors that will match whatever sofa or chair the pillow will go on. Quilt it to some batting and follow the pillow tutorial! Easy peasy!

quilted pillow

quilt laDDers

I love being able to show off a variety of quilts at once. A quilt ladder is the perfect way to achieve this! Not only does it give guests a small glimpse of your impressive array of skills, but allows you to incorporate more color into your space and decor. This is great especially if you have a more neutral based color scheme, it gives you the chance to put small pops of color without overwhelming the eyes. 

quilts on a ladder
quilt cabinet

quilt cabinets

A quilt cabinet is another statement piece, but instead of just one quilt being the statement, it’s a collection of quilts! Make sure that the cabinet is in line with your aesthetic first. And then fill it with all your best pieces! Just like the quilt ladder, it’s a great way to add pops of color to a room without feeling too overwhelming.

table runners

Table-scapes are a classic way to decorate for holidays. Adding a quilting element is a great way to create quilting inspired home decor! Especially for all those special occasions and holidays! These small miniature sized quilts are perfect for breaking op large surfaces of hard texture with something softer. It adds an element of texture and dimension to your table. I like to keep my runners simple so the table doesn’t look too cluttered when the table is set. 


Of course, quilts were made for beds! One of my favorite quilts is on our guest bed and people love the handmade touch and colorful spread. If you don’t like putting quilts on beds as the main cover, you can always folded it up along the foot of the bed and still make a great statement. 

quilts on beds


quilting inspired home decor

If you are okay with a quilt getting lots of love, then the couch can be a great home for it! Draping a quilt over the back of a couch gives it a cozy and inviting look. Once again, make sure that your colors are coordinating or complimentary. My family especially loves the quilts with the soft fuzzy backings on them. 

However you decided to use quilting to inspire your home decor, it’s sure to leave an impression on anyone who steps foot in your home. Check out our issues or pattern shop for more patterns that you can use to decorate your home!

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