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Issue 12: Texture

We are in LOVE with Issue 12: Texture. Everything from the patterns, tutorials, articles, and photos are full of texture-y goodness! We are so excited to share it with you! Take a look below at all the things that are included in this issue!

texture fabric


Let's Talk Texture

Ever wondered about all the different varieties of fabric? This articles dives into all the different substrates, what they are used for, what they look like, and how they feel! Having a better understanding of the different varieties of fabric available, will help you make decisions on what to use in your next quilt!

batting texture

all about batting

We all know that there are also so many batting options out there. But what’s the secret to choosing the perfect one? This article from Hobbs Batting outlines all the options and their pros and cons! It will take you step by step through choosing the right batting for your next project!

choosing pantographs

One of the best parts of a completed quilt is how the actual quilting of it brings everything together and gives it texture and dimension. This article in Issue 12: Texture, will walk you through the best way to choose a pantograph for you quilts and how the size of your pantograph will alter the type of texture you get.


We love our Wonderfil Threaducation articles! This one does not disappoint! Wonderfil has a wide variety of 12 wt thread. The chunkier thread can ad so much texture to your projects. In this article, they outline the different ways you can use 12 wt thread to ad detail and dimension to your projects.


couching, plus video!

Have you ever tried couching? This tutorial will walk you through what you need and how to get started. As an added bonus- there is a tutorial video to go with it! You will absolutely fall in love with the fun playfulness that couching texture ads to a quilt.

crochet lace binding

Feeling fancy? This tutorial will teach you how to add a dainty beautiful crochet lace binding to your quilts. This is such a unique and fun way to finish of your quilt. Pictures and step by step instructions will guide you along! What quilt projects would you try this on?



Have you ever tried Chenille-It? This product is a great way to give a couching look with ease! This tutorial/article will walk you through it and show you the ways you can use it!


Pumpkin roll

This Pumpkin Roll quilt pattern by Modish Quilter in Issue 12:Texture is to die for! We love how the inset circle stars look like they are popping out at you! This pattern looks great as pumpkins, but can you image them as Christmas ornaments? Easter eggs? Any color palette would be beautiful on this quilt.

tidal bloom mini quilt

Tidal Bloom mini

Remember that couching tutorial? This project by Erin from Love Sew Modern is the perfect way to give it a try! Piece together the mini quilt and then try your hand at couching with various threads to see how you like it! No matter how it turns out, it’s sure to be a fun try and a stunning wall hanging!

scalloped puff quilt

Puff quilts are making a comeback! Have you tried it yet? This pattern is super easy to put together. The tricky part is the scalloped edges! Be sure to make bias binding for this one! You’re going to need it! You can find a tutorial on how to make bias binding in Issue 7: Getting Into Shape.

ribbon dance, plus video!

ribbon dance quilt

We are obsessed with all the interlocking and dimensional strips of fabric in this quilt pattern. Anna of AnnaB At Home has included a bonus video full of tips and tricks to make your quilt turn out as beautifully as hers! What colors would you choose in your Ribbon Dance quilt?

falling boomerangs

falling boomerangs

Do you like the more traditional look? This pattern by Julie Jacobs is such a fun one with a mix of movement and negative space! A great way to use up your fabric stash! 

And more!

Last but not least, you know that Issue 12: Texture is going to be full of gorgeous and inspirational photos. Not to mention the other fun stuff like the recipe column, plant corner, and comic! This issue will not disappoint! You can purchase the issue individually or through an annual subscription (more bang for your buck)!

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