This is a Quilter’s Holiday Gift Guide. That means that the things on this list are for Quilters! So if you have a significant other who needs help knowing what to get you for the holidays, send them this link and thank us later! 


We have slowly been expanding our quilty merchandise. We couldn’t compile a quilter’s holiday gift guide without first showing off some of our awesome quilty merch! There are T-shirts, bags, stickers, tumblers, and our calendars! You can find everything in our merchandise shop.

2024 Calendar

We are SO excited about our latest addition to the MQ Merch line-up. This is a color palette calendar that offers a new gorgeous quilt photo and color palette each month to help bring beauty and inspiration to your quilting space. This is a standard wall-sized calendar that runs from January 2024 through the end of January 2025, giving you 13 months.

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quilters calendar
Quilter's Tumblers


Another new addition is our Quilt Star Tumblers. A simple star on a green or pink 40oz tumbler. You will love having this by your side while you sew through the day into the wee hours of the night! A definite must have! Plus, there is plenty of space on this tumbler for even more fun quilting related stickers! Which you can find here

T-Shirts & Sweaters

And of course, we have our popular quilt T-shirts and Sweater! The cute and modern feel to these shirts is perfect for any quilter! All sweaters and T-shirts are made from the softest Bella Cotton Canvas and Bella Fleece. SO cozy! Don’t forget to buy yourself a matching one too! 

Quilt Vneck Shirt
Quilt Vibes Only T Shirt
Quilt Sweatshirt
Quilt All Day Every Day T-Shirt
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modern american vintage

wood Tool sets

Modern American Vintage is the hottest trend that is sweeping through the quilting community! Chris Hanson, makes each of these quilting tools using various beautiful and exotic wood types. Each piece is unique and handmade! They are sturdy, well made, and absolutely gorgeous. 

There are clappers, point turners, hera markers, seam rippers, stilettos, seam pressers, darners, thread stands, etc! You can buy matching sets or browse the many variations he has to offer!

Color Cards

In today’s world were there are fewer and fewer brick and mortar shops to go find your perfect color match, it is super handy to have color cards! Woven and Woolly sells these amazing magnet fabric chips for most big solid lines. These are great for matching fabrics, building a color palette, and they look great on a magnet board! 

You can check out our article on various ways to use or organize or display a color card in the Issue 11: Rainbow.

the best rulers- for lefty's too

One of the best gifts in this Quilter’s Holiday Gift Guide is this ruler! Creative grids is the best brand of rulers. I wont buy anything else. But there is one ruler that stands out as the best of them all. That is the Stripology Ruler! It makes cutting and subcutting strips and pieces a breeze and significantly cuts down your cutting time. I use it for almost every project! It’s a bit pricey- but worth every penny.

Creative Grids also makes rulers for our LEFTY quilter friends! A huge bonus.

pin cushions

Ceramic pin cushions

If you want a unique and quirky gift, Fish Museum and Circus makes these adorable ceramic pin cushions featuring all kinds of wild creatures. Be sure to follow her on Instagram to see when she will post a new batch of items on her website. Don’t hesitate for long because they sell out fast!

felt pin cushions

These are another item that flies off the shelf almost as quick as the makes them. Fabric and Ink makes these beautiful felt and embroidery pin cushions. They are made with stunning hand detail work. Each one is a work of art! But be sure to follow her so you know when a new batch is posted! 


Modern Quilting Coloring Book

This is not your average coloring book. Stephanie Sliwinski from Fancy That Design House made this one just for quilters! It’s pages are filled with fun quilt-inspired designs as well as some pages having pre-filled “fabric” prints in the pictures. I love all the options. This is a great way to unwind and relax, while also fueling your creativity.

Modern Day Quilter

Did you know that I wrote a book? The Modern Day Quilter will be available mid December, which is cutting it close to the holidays- but It would make a great gift. This book is meant for any quilter who wants to expand their skills and try new things. I walk you through various quilting techniques step by step and then give you projects and quilts to try it out! 

retro curved pieced quilts

Our friend, Erin Grogan, also wrote a book this year called, Retro Curved Pieced Quilts. It will also be available mid December. I love the throw-back theme of this book while remaining true to the modern style. It’s a perfect blend! 


RIfle Paper Co

rifle paper company measuring tape

We are big fans of ANYTHING from Rifle Paper Company. Here are some of our favorites that any quilter is bound to drool over! 

The first is this beautiful Measuring Tape! The cover is one of their classic garden party prints that is so stunning and beautiful. I love the added detail of the gold pull on the end. 

A girl can never have too many shoes! And these shoes are to die for! The Keds + Rifle Paper Company collaboration is amazing and they have new designs every season! So be sure to keep checking back.

keds shoes

Cute pens are easy to find. But these are the cutest! They have regular pens, gel pens, mechanical pencils, pencils, etc. I love how they write and how they look! A perfect addition to any quilt room.

See all the writing tools here.

Foot roller

Every quilter knows that after a long day of quilting, one can sometimes feel a bit stiff. Gifting this reflexology foot massager can help any quilters comfort throughout the day as they can put this by their sewing machine pedal and roll their feet on it as needed.

Quilt Hanger

Having a good way to hang quilts is a great gift! Lobo and Llama offers a wide variety of colors and stains and sizes. I suggest a 60″ hanger. This should fit most wall hanging through throw size quilts. And if you aren’t sure about stain color- you can’t go wrong with white or black.

Chillin' With My Gnomies quilt

Quiltessential Planner

Sylvia Rachelle knocked it out of the park with this Quiltessential Planner! It has project tracking sheets, notes, month view, week view, and it’s undated. While this can be a pain to fill in- it does allow you to start whenever and purchase whenever and not worry about getting an outdated one. It also comes with a pen and some cute gold tabs.

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