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Issue 13: Retro

Our latest issue, Issue 13: Retro, is the perfect blend of nostalgic trends and colors for the modern quilter. There is so much to look at and gain inspiration from in this issue! Enjoy the walk down memory lane as we take you through the eras! Check out what’s included in this issue!


psychology of the retro trend

Psychology of the retro trend

As quilters, we find inspiration for our craft everywhere. A common source for the creative spark, for many of us, is retro design. But what draws us to this aesthetic? Why is it so popular, particularly within the modern quilting community? In this article we explore the psychology behind our love of retro design, and how we harness the past to create beautiful quilts today.

The origin of a thousand colors

Fabric fuels our passion for quilting. But what is fabric without color? Today there are limitless patterns and colors to choose from for our quilt designs. But that wasn’t always the case. The incredible range of color available in our day would have been astounding to a quilt maker in the early 1800s. The colors we now take for granted were incredibly rare or impossible to create only a century before. Let’s take a step back in time and explore the origins of color.


Maude Macdonald

When we first started planning Issue 13: Retro, we immediately thought of Maude Macdonald, The Retro Quilter. Not only is she so kind and generous, but an amazing example of the merging of the retro style with a modern one. Maude’s love for retro trends, colors, and shapes has fueled her passion for quilting! Read all about it in her spotlight!

Maude Macdonald
lysa flower

Lysa Flower

“My name is Lysa Flower. I am the antidote to beige by bringing happiness  into peoples homes, neighborhoods and lives with my sunshiny illustration, prints, patterns and designs.” Lysa Flower.

What a perfect name for a vibrant and colorful designer! Lysa grew up in Alberta as an only child with a mother who loved and supported her artistic talents. With a craft room full of opportunity, she was always able to cultivate and explore her creative passions.


Fabric paper dolls

I remember my mother showing me how to make paper dolls from cut outs in magazines. I loved dressing them up and playing with them. When creating Issue 13: Retro, it felt like the perfect opportunity to recreate this nostalgic playtime craft. Using laminated paper, velcro, and fabric scraps, I created a more durable “paper doll” that my girls love to play with! 


Retro Road Trip

Retro Road Trip

This MQ original pattern is a fun easy project! It is the perfect example of blending modern with a retro vibe! I love how this quilt pattern seems to take you on a journey! What journey into the past would you take?

Purchase the pattern individually here.


The Diamonds pattern by Monika Henry of Penny Spool Quilts is a large block pattern. It’s easy to make bed sizes with blocks this large! But boy is it stunning on a bed! This pattern would look great in any era!

Retro Diamonds
Totally Rad Mini

Totally Rad Mini

Another MQ original here! I am digging this hippie vibe! What could be more iconic to the hippie era than a peace sign? This pattern combines curved piecing, Y-seams, and traditional piecing! It’s a great way to expand your skill set in a small manageable project.

Purchase pattern individually here.


Do you remember those wicker screen dividers or furniture in your grandmother’s home that had the tiny holes in it? Lisa from Millie and Bun Designs created this pattern as a nod to just that! A nostalgic texture from the past! We love the simplicity it provides while still shouting from the roof tops about its origins!

3017 pattern
far out pattern

Far Out

Issue 13: Retro wouldn’t be complete without a pattern from The Retro Quilter herself! Maude created this fun pattern that is perfect for fussy cutting your favorite retro fabrics! An easy beginner friendly pattern that can easily fit any era!


As always, don’t forget the Editor’s note, plan column, recipe column, and more! You can purchase this issue individually here