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Issue 14: Nature

Issue 14: Nature is like a walk through the forest. We love how each of the designs and tutorials helps us connect with and bring nature closer to us while we quilt. This is also our final issue of the Modish Quilter Magazine and we are so proud to make this one our last. Along with patterns and tutorials and articles, we also took this final opportunity to highlight the community! Check out all the amazing content you’ll find in this issue. 


Final Editors Note

It’s a bittersweet moment that we have come to. I have absolutely loved every second of the past 3 years of Modish Quilter Magazine and all the amazing people I have met through this platform. This was my baby and now it is the end of an era and the beginning of something new. Read all about my thoughts on this in my Editor’s Note.

Editor's Note Issue 14 Nature

Connecting with nature

There are so many different ways to connect with nature while quilting! Issue 14: Nature is full of ideas for how to achieve just that. This article by Lisa Donnelly offers tons of suggestions on how to achieve this more. Photography, quilt designs, and quilting space are just a few of her ideas. 

Quilts in the wild

Have you ever looked up the hashtag #quiltsinthewild? There is so much inspiration and breathtaking photography! This article by Amy Fisher walks us through this popular trend, what is needed, and how to achieve a stunning photo yourself. 


Bess of Side Lake Stitch

When we think of quilters who have mastered the art of connecting with nature, we thought of Bess of Side Lake Stitch. Bess is a quilter, pattern designer, educator and fabric dyer! Read all about her journey in the quilting world and how she has made a name for herself. 

The Wild quilting community

With Issue 14: Nature being our last, we asked one more time for the community to submit their photos of their “quilts in the wild”. It was a stunning success! We are in awe of so many of your photos! Of course we could only fit so many and we tried to pick the most stunning ones. We hope it will inspire you as well! 


Creating color: naturally dye fabric

As a special surprise, Bess teaches us how to dye fabric with natural elements that you can find around you. The results speak for themselves! And what a fun way to try something new! 


Albo quilt pattern


As some of you may know, I have become one of those crazy plant ladies. I have close to 50 plants in my home. But one of my favorites is the Albo Monstera. It is a variegated version of the Monstera plant. It used to be more rare, but has recently become more popular. I designed the Albo quilt as a pixelated picture of an Albo leaf. A great way to bring this lovely plant into your home without the upkeep and cost!


I am not a snake person. They creep me out. But I can appreciate the beauty of them. Not to mention- big Harry Potter Fan! Snakes represent a type of elusive creature in the wild. Something majestic but powerful. The Basilisk pattern can be a mini for a wall hanging or table topper or you can create the Throw version!



Hillkeep by Maggie Reno of Snug and Stitch is a beautiful patchwork creation to resemble natural sceneries. We love this design and can’t wait to see your take on it!

Bob's Happy Place

Most of my favorite memories revolve around nature. Nature has a way of weaving itself into our core and wrapping us up in love and healing. Bob’s Happy Place is an FPP pattern that was designed by Shaley Pence of Patterns by Shaley. It is a tribute to her late grandfather’s love of the outdoors and fishing. Can’t you just picture yourself there in the scene!?

Starry Skies

This simple, yet stunning, design is a great way to bring the constellations indoors. This pattern was designed by Katarina Sramkova of Terracotta Quilts from Austria. We took this quilt with us to Quilt Con and it was a BIG hit! With curved piecing and lots of negative space, you can truly create your very own masterpiece. 


And as if that wasn’t enough, Issue 14: Nature is packed full of even more fun surprises like our Plant Column, Recipe Corner, and Material Girl Comic!

Don’t miss this last issue of Modish Quilter! There is so much great content in here! 

Although we are sad to end Modish Quilter Magazine, we are reincarnating into books! Our first Modish Quilter Book will be available this fall! So be on the look out!