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The Discontinued Pilot


We taught ourself to do better.

When I first had the idea to start Modish Quilter and coerced some friends and family to help me- we decided to put together a “Pilot” Issue. This Pilot Issue was our very first attempt at publishing a digital magazine. We had no idea what we were doing! But we had a vision and we went with it! 

We decided to make this Pilot Issue free to anyone who wanted it. It was our way of testing the waters and seeing how well it was received. The response has been overwhelming! People loved it! We got tons of great feedback and we learned a lot more about what people would expect from a magazine issue. So we took that feedback and taught ourselves to do better! 

The Pilot Issue was released in January of 2021. It has been almost a year now and we have released 3 full-size issues since then. We no longer feel that the Pilot Issue is an adequate summary of what we do here at Modish Quilter Magazine. 

But, we still want to give everyone a taste of each of our issues and a sampling of the kind of content we provide. So, in place of the Pilot Issue, we have rolled out a new website that allows you to view a few pages from each issue, including the Table of Contents!

Our hope is that you will get a better peak at each issue and that our new website, blog, and community will speak for itself without the Pilot Issue. We believe in what we are doing here at Modish Quilter and hope that you will love being a part of this community!  

The MQ Team