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Issue 4: Quilts Around the Home

When first discovering quilting a quilter might think that they’re only going to make a quilt for each bed in their house, maybe for a baby gift or two. A seasoned quilter will tell you, once you get the quilting bug you will not be able to stop creating quilts. Friends and family members might start asking, “what are your plans with all of these quilts you’re making?” You might even start questioning yourself about how you’re going to incorporate all of these quilts into your home.

Cozy quilt in the home

In Issue 4 of Modish Quilter we dive into the many ways to use quilts both aesthetically and functionally in your home. This issue is packed with inspiring ideas and projects to show off your creative side and add more of your personality to your space. After incorporating some of these fresh ideas into your home no one will be asking why you’re making more quilts. Your aesthetic will speak for itself. You don’t have to take just our word for it either. Original pioneer for the online quilting industry, Pat Sloan, shares her favorite ways to incorporate quilts in her home throughout the year, among other advice in her interview with Modish Quilter. 

There are so many fun, modern projects inside Issue 4 of Modish Quilter. Take a peek inside to get inspired by all the projects you can incorporate into your space.

Friends of A Gourd

Halloween might be over, but Fall is still in full swing. You might be fighting the urge to start pulling your Christmas quilts out, but before you do, be sure to check the Modish Quilter’s latest Skinny Pattern, Friends of a Gourd. This line up of adorable varied pumpkins would look cheerful hanging in your entryway or as a centerpiece on your dining table. As your guests for Thanksgiving arrive or assemble around the dinner table these cheerful pumpkins will greet them, sparking the joy of Fall. Some of us need all the positive energy we can get when the entire family comes together. Sometimes it’s exciting to have an opportunity to showcase your craft to those you love most.  

Memo Quilt

New to sewing curves, but always wanted to give it a try? The Modish Quilter Original pattern, Memo Quilt, incorporates a gentle curve that would be friendly for beginners. This pattern would also be great for incorporating your favorite larger scale prints.

Rainbow mini

Feeling a little more confident in your curves piecing skills, but want to expand your curves piecing tool kit? The Rainbow Mini Quilt by Casey Cometti of Wellspring Designs Co incorporates both whole and half inset circles. Don’t worry though. Casey has created resources to walk you through the process with confidence. 

Not only is this mini quilt beautiful as a hanging decor for your home, but it was also designed with a beautiful meaning behind it. This design is meant to celebrate a rainbow baby that is born after loss. The circle represents the lost little ones looking down from under the rainbow on the new baby cradled below.  The subtle design is meant to maintain privacy by offering a commemorative piece without advertising grief.

Floor Pouf

The latest issue of Modish Quilter not only brings amazing quilt patterns, but tutorials for creating aesthetically pleasing and functional seating that even your children or pets will love. These Floor Poufs have us dreaming of cool Fall evenings resting with our toes near the fire while reading a good book, or working on our latest hand sewing project.

Roofline Quilt

Amy Schelle of Sewn Handmade designed this stunning, modern and geometric quilt pattern, the Roofline Quilt. This pattern offers a great opportunity to play with colors and gradients. And although it may look like a tricky pattern- it’s not! Easy pattern and show stopping design! 

Space Between Quilt

The last pattern in the issue, but certainly not the last tutorial, was created by Brooke Shankland of Eudaimonia Studio. This quilt pattern is called the Space Between. This design serves as a reminder that joy can be found in between the big moments in life. Many quilters find the experience of quilting to be meditative. While piecing this quilt pattern you too might be inspired to meditate and ask yourself the question of what it means to live well.   

And More...

As well as all of these beautiful patterns, this issue is also packed full of informative and interesting articles like “Displaying Quilts Around the Home”, and tutorials like “Quilt Hanging Tabs” and “Barn Quilts”! And just like in every issue, we include your submissions! This issue is sprinkled with your submissions of how you like to display your quilts in your home. Overall, it is a visual and creative goldmine for quilters! We hope you will love it as much as we loved putting it together for you!

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