When we consider the background fabrics to use in our quilt we often reach for our classic white solid. We know that it will work with any bundle of fabrics we want to pair it with because it’s a safe option. In Issue 6, The Dark Side of Quilting, we are challenging quilters to branch out of their comfort zones and try using darker backgrounds. There’s no need to fear. We’ve reached out to the quilting community of Modish Quilters and asked them to share their dark quilts, giving you plenty of inspiration.

There are several amazing articles and a particularly stunning community member spotlight on a master of using dark fabrics, Genna Calkins-Mushrush of Wet Mountain Quilt Co. One of the articles, “Dark Side of Quilting,” outlines the parts of our craft that we may or may not have a love-hate relationship with. We’re providing you with our top tips for making those task easier and more manageable. 

Now that you’ve joined us on the dark side, come take a peek at all the amazing patterns you will find inside Issue 6!

Broken Weave

broken weave

Modular design has been leading the interior design space for many years. The premise of a modular design is that you can arrange it and rearrange it however you want to make it work for you. Now with Modish Quilter’s Broken Weave pattern, modular design has entered the quilting world. There is no wrong way to layout the quilt blocks. You’ll still end up with the same beautiful result. This pattern is a fun and easy way to dip your toe in designing your own quilt. 

Wax and wane

wax and wane

Wax and Wane was designed by Luz y Sombra Art Co and is a great beginners half curves pattern. These gentle curves are easy to piece and create a dramatic impact. We love the moon phases! There is a lot of room on this pattern for some creative custom quilting too! 


tessellate quilt

Designed by Katherine Curtsinger of It’s Only Fabric and Thread, Tessellate is a playful and bold pattern. These quilt blocks are the perfect canvas for showing off larger scaled prints, a beautiful rainbow of solids, or even an ombre effect! Whatever you choose, this pattern will be a quick and stunning win!


untethered quilt pattern

Playing with color is always more fun when you get to make a beautiful ombre quilt. Untethered by Brooke Shankland of Eudaimonia Studio is the perfect half-square-triangle pattern to play with color saturation. Against a dark background you can make lighter colors and pastels really pop! This modern play on the classic half-square-triangles is both different and beautiful. 

Modish mini- the dark side

the dark side mini

Issue 6’s Modish Mini is called the Dark Side. It’s the perfect mini pattern for a playroom or the office of a fan of Rebel spies and the Empire’s ultimate weapon. The galaxy awaits your creativity! Who do you know that would love one of these mini’s?

Gardening apron

garding apron pattern

Of course we couldn’t send you into Spring without also providing you with the perfect gardening apron. You know we love our house plants and caring for them can be easier and more fun with an apron. All of your tools are easily accessible within either of the two pockets. We’ve also included a place to keep your pruning sheers always safely within reach.



As always you can expect a delicious, time saving recipe and an easy indoor plant column. There is no shortage of inspiration and education in Issue 6: The Dark Side of Quilting. We hope you enjoy this step into the darker side of quilting! We can’t wait to hear what you think.



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