As we’re rolling into the summer we started thinking about how to capture the essence of summer. Summer often brings our focus on being our healthiest and most active selves. We sometimes spend a lot of time focusing on “getting into shape” to be summer ready. Well, in “Issue 7: Getting Into Shape” we explore what “getting into shape” might look like for a quilter. You wont find any diet plans or exercise routines here. Instead, we’re introducing unique shapes into our patterns, curvy edges and so much more! Let’s take a peak!

Summer Hex Quilt Pattern

Summer Hex

The Modish Quilter pattern in Issue 7 brings a fun challenge of sewing hexagons. This pattern creates a fun, ombre, honeycomb design that uses full hexagons. This is a great opportunity to use large prints and motifs without worrying about cutting through them. Yes, this pattern uses Y-seams, but you can trust a Modish Pattern to clearly walk you through these steps so you can master a new quilting skill. 

Woven Staircase Quilt Pattern

Woven Staircase

If you’re looking for a fun weekend sew we’d recommend the Woven Staircase quilt by Karen Bolan of Karen Bolan Designs. This quilt pattern creates a beautiful braided design while leaving a balanced amount of negative space. The negative space in the Woven Staircase pattern is a great opportunity to play with quilting elements. We’re in love with Karen’s quilted circles. 

Biltmore Quilt Pattern


Not all quilt shapes are created the same. If you want to add a little scallop to your edges we suggest trying the Biltmore quilt pattern by Tiffany Horn of Village Bound Quilts. You can’t help but fall in love with the striking simplicity of the monochromatic Biltmore design. Tiffany also walks you through how to add the unique scalloped edge to the quilt. 

You might also be wondering about how to create the right binding for a quilt with such curvy edges. We have you covered with TWO binding tutorials. There’s one tutorial on Continuous Binding and another tutorial by binding expert Karen Wade of Bessie Pearl Textiles on Bias Binding.  

Optic Quilt Pattern


Sometimes to get the most challenging and unique shapes into a quilt pattern you have to combine different skills. The Optic Quilt Pattern by Cabrini of Cabin Week Projects uses foundation paper piecing (FPP) and applique. Using FPP for parts of the design helps to create more precise points. Applique can be a little more fun and freeing than FPP, making these two skills a fun pairing. 

Potted Mini Patterns

potted mini

Possibly the most beautiful shapes can be found in nature. In Issue 7 we found inspiration from our favorite house plants and created TWO wall hanging patterns using TWO different applique methods. We walk you through making these patterns using reverse applique and raw-edge applique techniques.  

Shape centered articles

mental shape

In Issue 7: Getting Into Shape we’re stretching beyond half square triangles and our familiar quilt blocks. To better understand these new quilt shapes we are uncovering Shape Theory. In this article we dive into the psychology of how different forms and shapes can influence your thoughts. 

While we’re on the topic of quilting psychology, we’re also teaching you how to best mentally prepare for a new quilt project. The article Getting Into Mental Shape focuses on the 5 key tips to quilting success. 

And so much more...

Van Hoff

Of course there will be all of the other amazing content you’ve come to love and expect from us at Modish Quilter. We’re so excited for you to meet the talented quilter Emily Van Hoff. She takes shapes in quilting to the next level and we’re sharing her though process with you.

You will of course find our Cook Less, Sew More recipe and refreshing bonus recipe in Issue 7. You can also expect a good laugh from the return of Modish’s Material Girl in a Modish World comic and so much more!

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