I bet you’re wondering what birthstones and fabric have in common! Well, color is a powerful tool. The colors we use in our quilts evoke emotions and express a story to the viewer. We use color to classify and label so many things in our lives, including the month we were born in. As you know, each month is represented by a birthstone which we use in jewelry and decor as a way to represent ourselves. Well, now you can also use these colors to represent yourself in your quilts! We took the colors of birthstones and matched them to a corresponding Art Gallery Fabric pure solid color. So now you can incorporate more of yourself into your quilts. Which birthstone and fabric color are you?


January birthstone and fabric

The bold, red garnet stone got its name from the French word grenade, which translates to “seedy”. It is named for its similarity to the deep red of the pomegranate seeds. The Garnet is believed to keep you safe during travel. The color red is also used to symbolize love, passion, romance, danger, anger or violence. So, as you can see, there is a lot of emotion behind the color red.

We matched the garnet with Art Gallery’s Candied Cherry. Now you can use this fabric in a quilt to spark strong emotions.

As a January baby, there is no doubt that you are full of passion and might even be good luck to have around on a trip. 


The Amethyst is a stone of courage and helps to strengthen relationships. At one time, only royalty was allowed to wear this bright purple gem. Because of this, the color purple is often correlated with the words royalty, luxury, power and ambition.

We matched the amethyst with Art Gallery’s Bewitched. You can use this fabric in a quilt to give off that lush and royal feeling that is so obviously YOU.

If you are a February baby you likely set very high standards for yourself and never question your worth- a trait many envy!


March birthstone and fabric

The Aquamarine stone is a stone of healing powers that can fight against diseases of the heart, liver and stomach. Sailors even believed that the stone could calm the dangers of the ocean. Similarly, light blue sparks feelings of tranquility, reliability and trustworthiness.

We matched the aquamarine with Art Gallery’s Morning Frost. This fabric will provide a sense of calm and freedom in your quilts. This is something, as a March baby, you probably connect with because you are likely a peacekeeper among your friends and family.


Diamonds are the most recognized stone of them all. It is referred to as a symbol of everlasting love and courage. Which is why it is so commonly used for wedding rings. We also relate the color white with purity and innocence. White is a peaceful color that allows other colors to really stand out and shine.

We matched the diamond with Art Gallery’s Snow. When using Snow in a quilt, it will bring a sense of balance to the design and will enhance the other fabrics so they can shine. As an April baby, you’re likely a perfectionist in your work, which this white fabric will help to show off.


May birthstone and fabric

Ancient Romans dedicated the Emerald stone to Venus, the goddess of love and beauty. They associate the stone with fertility, rebirth and love. Today, we also attribute the Emerald to the qualities of wisdom, growth, patience, nature, and harmony.

We matched the emerald with Art Gallery’s Peacock. When you use this fabric in your quilt, it will evoke feelings of new ideas and being close with nature. So, if you’re a May baby, you’re likely always seeking out new ways to grow and express yourself. And this fabric will help you do just that! 


June birthstone and fabric

The Ancient Greeks said that the Pearl (or moonstone) were the tears of joy straight from the eyes of Aphrodite, the goddess of love. Pearls are a symbol of purity and are believed to attract good luck and deliver balance to your karma. Like the Pearl, the color light gray is meant to be soothing and relaxing. Using Art Gallery’s Celestial in your quilt will help bring balance to your other color choices instead of making them stand out like Snow does.

As a June baby, you don’t like drama and prefer to make everyone feel like they fit in. 


July birthstone and fabric

They Ruby was once referred to as the “King of Gems”. It symbolizes protection from evil. The deep redness of the stone signifies love and passion, much like the Garnet. The color ruby will stimulate your senses and evoke feelings of ambition. It also represents courage, strength and power.

We matched the ruby with Art Gallery’s Ruby! How perfect? Using this fabric in a quilt will make your design feel strong and confident. As a July baby, you are very ambitious and not likely to let anything stand in the way of your dreams. This red will represent just that.


Peridot is referred to as the evening emerald due to its light green color. The stone is a symbol of strength, prosperity and good fortune. Folklore tells us that peridot defends the wearer against bad dreams and terrors of the night. Similarly, light green is the color of optimism and, a lot like dark green, it represents health, growth and wealth.

We matched the peridot with Art Gallery’s Dark Citron. When you use this fabric in a quilt it will bring a sense of calm and endless possibilities. And, if you’re an August baby, you are a daydreamer who believes anything is possible if they put their mind to it. 


September birthstone and fabric

The Sapphire is a symbol of purity and wisdom. The stone was known as a favorite to be worn by kings and priests. The color royal blue even has regal associations to the British royal family. As such, it evokes feelings of authority, trust and confidence.

We matched the sapphire with Art Gallery’s Royal Cobalt. Use this in your quilt to signify pride and authority. Because everyone knows that, as a September baby, you can be trusted to keep a secret and are dependable.


The Opal is a symbol of confidence, faithfulness, hope and truth. The ancient Greeks even believed that the stone granted the gift of prophecy. Similarly, light pink is a symbol of tenderness, affection and inner peace. When we combine the two, we get a very calm and loving feeling.

We matched the opal with Art Gallery’s Cotton Candy. If you use this fabric in a quilt, it will bring a playful, feminine touch to the design. As an October baby, you’re likely a very calm and loving person that other’s gravitate to for security. So this color will speak to you.


The Topaz stone is believed to bring strength, honor and intellect. Ancient Greeks believed the stone had the power to remove negative thoughts and calm rage. The color yellow is referred to as the symbol of optimism and happiness and represents creativity, and enlightenment.

We matched the citrine with Art Gallery’s Turmeric. When you use this fabric in your quilt, it will spark joy and happiness. And as a November baby, you are someone who stands up for the voiceless and believes in doing what’s right, which are pillars of honor and happiness.


December birthstone and fabric

The Turquoise stone is a symbol of success and good fortune. The stone represents luck, peace and protection. As a member of the blue family, the color turquoise involves feelings of sophistication, serenity, friendship and balance.

We matched the blue topaz with Art Gallery’s Aero Blue. If you use this in your quilt, it will make it appear more sophisticated. And, if you’re a December baby, you’re likely a very sophisticated and patient friend that has a calming effect on those around you. 


You can easily incorporate these colors into your quilts to represent yourself, your family members, your feelings, etc. There are also many quilt patterns available that use gemstone shapes or could represent family members. Here are just a few pattern ideas that you could use to represents you and/or your family.

Gemology by Andrea Tsang Jackson

Punch Line by Wren Collective

Evolve by Kiley’s Quilt Room

Sea Glass Quilt by Exhausted Octopus



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