These trick or treat bags are designed to go hand in hand with our “Chillin’ With My Gnomies” quilt block pattern! How cute are Halloween Gnomes!? You can have all sorts of fun with it! We made our halloween gnome have green skin and used the 2022 Sweet and Spooky fabric line by Art Gallery Fabrics. 

gnome block

Prep The trick or Treat bag

The first thing you need to do is make a single “Chillin’ With My Gnomies” block! You will need one block per bag that you want to make.

You can get the pattern here. Each block is 20″x20″. 

Once you have made your gnome blocks, you can choose a coordinating exterior fabric, lining fabric, and strap fabric for each of your bags. This is how much fabric you’ll need for each:

  • Coordinating Exterior Fabric – 16.5″ x 20.5″
  • Lining Fabric – 25″ x 40″
  • Strap Fabric – 1/8 yard per bag.
  • Batting – 25″ x 40″

ASSEMBLE the bag

Cut 1.5″ off of each side of your Gnome block so that it now measures 16.5″ x 20.5″. Lay your gnome RST with your coordinating exterior fabric. Sew 1/4″ away from the edge along one side. Press seams to one side. Be sure to iron the exterior and lining pieces in preparation for quilting them.

Sandwich your lining fabric, batting, and exterior fabric and baste them together. Use your preferred method of marking lines for quilting. I like to use a hera marker and ruler to mark my lines. Then quilt your sandwich. When you are done, trim off all the excess lining and batting.

Fold the rectangle in half so that the two short sides are together and the exterior fabric sides are together. Sew 1/4″ away from the edge along the bottom and side, backstitching at the top to stabilize the seam.

step three of trick or treat bag

Finishing Touches

Create binding to attach to the top edge of the bag, just as you would a quilt. I like to cut my strips at 2.5″ x WOF and then press in half along the length. Then I sew the raw edges along the lining first and then flip the folded edge of to the front and top stitch down. 

step four of trick or treat bag

Now you’ll make a strap by creating a double fold binding and top stitching along the open edge. I cut mine out at 4″ x WOF. Press the strip in half lengthwise and then press each long side in to the middle crease. Fold it all together and top stitch along the open edge. You can top stitch along both sides to make it look even if you want. Then decide on a length you want the strap to be and attach ends to either side of your bag where the side seams are. I suggest securing the strap by sewing a box and X design, as shown. 

step five of trick or treat bag

Trick or treat

These trick or treat bags are perfect for the large haul you know your kids dream of bringing home! And, if you are like me, you get a greater “parent tax”! But don’t worry- if candy isn’t your thing, you can pack all kinds of treats or fun things! This tote would make an excellent library bag, snack bag, fabric shopping bag, projects on-the-go bag, or just your everyday tote! 

kids with bags

Can’t get enough of the Gnomes? You can make pillows using our “No Zipper Pillow” Tutorial or you can find an embroidery version of the gnome here!

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