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Issue 9: Black and White

This black and white theme has taken a mind of its own! There are so many different things to tie in to the theme. Using black and white as a color palette is striking and bold, which you will see with each of the patterns in this issue. 

While Issue 9 of Modish Quilter is packed with quilt patterns designed to stand out in black and white, there’s even more inside. We’re re-examining all of the quilting rules. As modern quilters we’re learning everything doesn’t have to be so black and white. So, join us in questioning the status quo. We hope you’ll find yourself among good company in our Quilty Confessions section where you all shared your deep dark quilty secrets!

Take a look at what else is in this issue!

the black and white rules of quilting

How do you view the “rules” of quilting? There are age-old “rules” of quilting that many might say are very black and white. You either follow the rules and do them right or you are wrong. But we think the rules are more flexible. We think there is more gray area. Which category of gray do you fall in?

Take the quiz in this issue to determine what kind of quilter you are. 

B&W photography


Have you ever used black and white filters to help you plan a quilt project? We have an entire article dedicated to this useful trick! We will teach you how and what to look for! 

Do you have a quilty confession?

We asked and boy did you all deliver! There were tons of submissions for your dirty little quilting secrets. We have gathered up our favorites to share with you! Read through them and see if you can find one that you relate to or have done yourself!


Riverbend Quilt
Lochlyn Quilt
Lochlyn Quilt
Diamond Go Round Quilt
Diamonds Go Round
Bandit Quilt


Test your curve piecing skills with this Advanced Modish Quilter original pattern, Riverbend. Like a river flows, the curves of the Riverbend quilt pattern ebbs and flows in every direction. The black and white color palette highlights the natural movement of the design. 


The Bandit quilt pattern was designed by Cassie Harms of Cassie Harms Designs. This black and white design is comprised of two quilt blocks, set on point. By setting white sawtooth star blocks against a black background the stars almost glow. 

Diamond Go Round

Shankari of Sewl Sister was inspired by mary-go-rounds and spinning cup rides while designing the Diamond Go Round quilt pattern. You can feel the spinning movement in the design. It almost transports you back to your childhood. 


The Lochlyn Quilt pattern was designed by Amber Glen of Madison Rose Quilting Co. Lochlyn is a fresh take on a plaid quilt. The contrasting lines boldly stand out against the white background.

Tuxedo Table Runner

tuxedo table runner pattern

The mini pattern is brought to you this issue by Hilary Cooper of Quiltberry Hill Designs. The Tuxedo table runner pattern is a quick make that looks classic in black and white. However, the Tuxedo table runner pattern looks great in color too. If you change the colors to match your dinning room the colors will pop.


When it comes to black and white quilts there was one designer who came to mind immediately! If you don’t follow Amy Schelle of @sewnhandmade, you really should! Her style is so sleek and sophisticated and her color palette is lovely without being too sharp or edgy.

Read all about her background and her quilting journey in our interview with Amy. We learned so much from her and we know you will too.

Amy Schelle

Cook Less, Sew More

french onion soup

There are always responsibilities keeping us from our sewing machine. In an effort to make more time to do what you love, we’re bringing you quick and easy recipes. Use the time saved in the kitchen to do more stitching. Inside Issue 9 you will find the Modish French Onion Soup recipe. It’s savory, cheese-y, and sure to be a crowd pleaser. 

Hoop Organizer Tutorial

hoop organizer

I’ve never heard a quilter complain about having too much organization in their sewing room. With the Hoop organizer tutorial by Jennie of Clover and Violet you can customize how you sort your cools or add fun design elements to your space.

And so much more

Modish Quilter Issue 9

We packed a lot into this issue! So we hope you enjoy all the projects, patterns, inspiration, and articles that are included! You can purchase this issue on its own, if a subscription is too much commitment for you at this time. Enjoy!


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