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Issue 10: Whimsical

We are so excited to show you our latest issue, Issue 10: Whimsical. It is full of fun patterns, quick and easy tutorials and projects, interesting articles, and beautiful photography. Let’s dive in and get a sneak peek at what’s inside this issue!


Whimsical maker Spotlight

In our search for all things whimsical, we just had to share this one maker who is the Queen of whimsy! Astrid, of Apples and Beavers has a solid track record with whimsical and fantasy type quilt patterns. In this issue, we dive into her style a little more and get to know her better!

apples and beavers castle pattern
apples and beavers unicorn pattern
Quilting is my therapy

I’m sure you’ve heard people say “quilting is my therapy”, but do you believe it? Is there more truth to this statement than meets the eye? In this article, we dive into why people say and feel this and the science behind it! Science? In a quilting magazine? Yep! Check it out and see if you feel the same way we do!

threaducation: glow in the dark thread

The Threaducation article in each issue is a great way to learn more about thread and what you should be using or not be using. Wonderfil has some amazing thread, but this one is new to us! In Issue 10: Whimsical, Wonderfil introduces us to glow in the dark thread! How fun! Read all about how you can use this in your next project!

improving your piecing
precision piecing for quilting

There are so many ways to improv your skills as a quilter. This article, written by Kayla Petty, breaks it down into steps you can take while you are piecing to improve your skills and perfect your points! Don’t worry- there are pictures to help you out with some of the steps!


Pin pots

There are lots of pin cushion tutorials out there. But for us, this one takes the cake! Learn how to turn cute little pots into your next favorite pin cushion! We promise, you’ll be seeing pots for turning into pin cushions EVERYWHERE once you see how easy and fast this project is!

Pin pots in Issue 10 of MQ Mag

Drum & Tooth fairy pillows

Another one of the “greats” when it comes to whimsical is Pascaline from Pom Pom Dumonde. She created the perfect whimsical pillows that are great for any kid! You’ll be making one for each of the children in your lives! Take a look at how cute they are!

drum pillow


As always, Issue 10: Whimsical is full of some amazing patterns, both MQ Originals and from other designers! Check it out!


Nori, the mermaid, is a Modish Quilter original and is such a cute and fun pattern! I’m sure we all know children AND adults who love unicorns and mermaids! This pattern is perfect for showing off that inner imagination and playfulness. You can mix and match prints and solids and colors to fit your mermaids to your taste! 

We used, and recommend, Art Gallery Fabrics. Our Nori is made up of all AGF Pure Solids!


The Arcadia pattern is designed and written by Rachelle Craig and is a fan favorite! The beauty and simplicity of this pattern is perfect for any skill level who needs a bit of whimsy in their lives! 

Mini Sardines quilt pattern


Did you know that each of our issues has a mini quilt pattern/project! Issue 10: Whimsical is no different. This pattern is designed and written by Astrid of Apples and Beavers! It is Foundation Paper Piecing and the perfect design for all those fishing lovers in your life! 

String Lanterns

This pattern is designed and written by Meghan of A Piece of Quilt. It is so great for those print fabrics that you love but don’t want to cut up small. Mix and match your favorite prints with your favorite solids to create your own whimsical version of this pattern.

String Lanterns quilt pattern

Newton the space dragon

Kelly of Galaxy Quilts designed this amazing creature! The best thing about this pattern is that it is the perfect size for any fantasy loving kid’s twin size bed! This giant dragon is sure to bring imagination and whimsy to any room! 

And so much more...

We really packed it all in for Issue 10: Whimsical. Don’t forget that each issue also has our Plant Corner, Recipe Column, and “Material Girl” comic! 


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