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Mod Minis

The Mod Mini #1 was designed as a giveaway prize for Quilt Con 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. We continued the idea at Quilt Con 2023 with Mod Mini #2. Now you can get both Mod Minis here on our blog! Just click the link below to download it.

mod mini #1

mod minis

The nice thing about these Mod Minis is that they are small and easy! They come together quickly which makes them the perfect weekend project or last minute gift! The Mod Mini #1 was first given out as a door prize at Quilt Con 2022 in Phoenix, AZ. It was a big hit! People loved being able to see the pattern hanging in our booth as well! We love the lines in this quilt and how everything is at an angle.

Mod Mini #2

Mod Mini #2
Mod Mini #2

Mod Mini #2 is equally a fun and easy weekend project! This pattern has a lot more going on in it as you can see shapes overlapping each other! We love the dimension that this creates! This pattern was first released as the door prize for Quilt Con 2023 in Atlanta, GA. It was so fun to talk to people who had received the first one and were excited to get the second one! 

collect them all

Be on the lookout, as we will be adding to our collection of Mod Mini patterns each year at Quilt Con! These patterns are great for creating textile art for your home. Make one or make several and hang them together! Anyway you choose, it will be a great modern piece for any space. 

Mod Minis on wall

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