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Contributing to MQ Mag

Have you ever thought about contributing to Modish Quilter Magazine? We love having contributors for quilt patterns, articles, and tutorials! Each issue depends on the thoughtful dedication of each contributor. 

Let’s break it down so you know what we are looking for and what you can expect. 

contributing to MQ mag

finding the right fit

When I first started designing and writing quilt patterns, I searched all the quilting magazines for one that felt like a right fit for me. One I would want to read or subscribe to myself. I didn’t find any that were just right. So, I decided to make a place where I felt like I fit! This is how Modish Quilter Magazine was born!

When you consider contributing to our magazine, we urge you to ask yourself if it feels like the right fit! It’s important to us to protect our brand and mission, as it should be for you and your business. We carefully select designers and patterns that are in-line with our modern aesthetic. “Modern” design has a wide spectrum, but you can look through our past issue or pattern shop to see if you feel your ideas or designs fit in! If you are unsure, we would be happy to take a look!

What we expect

All contributions (designs, patterns, articles, tutorials etc) should be unpublished. Since our magazine is a paid subscription, all content needs to be fresh, trending, and/or on-topic. So, when you submit your content ideas/designs, make sure that it is not something you have already done or published. You might also want to make sure that we have not already published something similar. 

Once you have determined a good fit, and a new fresh idea/design, you can email your mock ups or outlines to: submissions@modishquilter.com

You can find our lineup of issue themes here, along with their deadlines. We like to revolve each issue around a theme to keep it cohesive. But if you aren’t sure whether your design fits in any of these, just go ahead and submit anyway! We will determine where to put you!  Our themes don’t necessarily always have to come through in a pattern design!

issue themes for contributing
more issue themes

What you should expect

We will review your work, as a team, and determine if your content is a good fit for us and which issue it will do best in. Sometimes we have to pass on designs or ideas, but please do not let that discourage you from trying again with a new idea. 

If your work is approved, you will be sent a contract with deadlines and agreements. If you submitted a quilt pattern design, you will also be sent a color palette to work with. We may ask you to tweak some details or colors in your design before finalizing. 

You’ll be required to complete your physical quilt and digital pattern or article and submit it to us according to the deadlines in your contract. Quilts will need to be physically mailed to us for photographing. Once the issue is released, we will mail your quilt back along with payment. You will also receive a digital copy of the issue you contributed in. 

Contributing made easy

We try to make the whole contributing process as easy as possible for you. We also love to advertise on behalf of our contributors! Each contributor is encouraged to make a short intro video for their content that we can share on social media to promote you! Modish Quilter Magazine would not be where it is today without our contributors! We love them all and definitely want to see more! 


Please feel free to submit your ideas for quilt patterns, articles, and tutorials to: submissions@modishquilter.com