Issue 11: Rainbow is all about exploring color! This issue is so full of bright colors and creativity that we are positive you will find something to inspire you! Take a look below at a brief overview of what is included in this issue. 


Rainbow makers spotlight

This issue is special as we spotlight several different makers who we thought really embraced the use of the rainbow in their quilting. The first spotlight is an in-depth interview with Shayla Wolf of Sassafras Lane. Shayla talks with us about how the rainbow and color has guided her throughout her life and how it has opened up different doors and career paths for her. 

We had such a hard time deciding on just one maker to highlight in this issue that we decided to reach out to four more! In a separate Q&A style article, read the answers from Carl Brown, Karlee Porter, Kaitlin Esche-Lyon, and Giuseppe Riboudo as they talk about their inspiration and driving forces in quilting.

shayla wolf
Carl Brown
Kaitlin Esche Lyon

redesigning the rainbow

“Issue 11: Rainbow” wouldn’t be complete without talking about the actual rainbow of colors and how to use them in quilting. Nichole Spravzoff takes a deep dive into using the rainbow in your quilts and how you can pull different variations of the rainbow to get a different feel. Pastel, earthy, and bold are just a few of the types of rainbows she covers. The article goes on to talk about how to lay out your quilt to get the right rainbow feel you are looking for. 

how to use color in the home

It is easy to add color to our crafts- but what about our homes? Adding color to our homes can feel a little more daunting and “permanent”. But it doesn’t have to be scary! In this article, we talk about the different ways you can incorporate color into your home and still make your space feel cohesive.


Wonderfil created an article all about 8wt threads and the 7 different ways you can use it in your next quilting project! From hand quilting to couching, there is sure to be a fun technique for you to try. Not to mention, they have every color of the rainbow so you can match your threads and fabrics seamlessly!


cotton pottery

Sometimes we need a step back from quilting. I love trying new things! Cindy Hillfiger teaches us how to use our rainbow of scraps to make color “cotton pottery”. A fun and creative way to try something new AND use up your scraps! I love the simplicity of this easy weekend project.

cotton pottery
color cards

what to do with a
color card

We are seeing more and more brick and mortar shops closing as people opt for the convenience of shopping online. While shopping online certainly is convenient, it can be difficult for creatives like us to match color! Most fabric manufacturers have a color card to go with their solids. Having one can be so helpful when you need to order online and not have to wonder what the color will look like in real life! This tutorial will show you the different ways you can organize and use your color cards. 


Color Code

When trying to decide what kind of pattern to design and write for this issue, I knew I wanted to highlight as many colors as possible. The Color Code pattern was perfect for “Issue 11: Rainbow”! I used 36 different Art Gallery Fabric Pure Solids in this quilt and organized them in a rainbow/ombre design. I LOVE how it turned out! It is perfect for the artist, teacher, or lover of colors.

Prism Point

Sylvia Shaefer of Flying Parrot Quilts designed this beautiful Foundation Paper Piecing (FPP) pattern. It’s perfect for beginners to FPP. We love how she showed off the rainbow while also making great use of the negative space around it. A truly stunning design!

Magical Hour

Vickeidy Plybon of Sewspicious designed the Magical Hour quilt in honor of her daughter and how much she loves to see light refracting through sun catchers in her room. The resulting design is beautifully simple and perfect for a beginner quilter who is bold enough to try some curves!

Orchid Garden

Meghan Morris from A Piece of Quiet Quilts has done it again! This fun quilt shows off a stunning flower block in a mutli-color array. It’s the perfect way to show off any color palette, not just the rainbow! These large blocks make it easy to sew together quickly!

Color me beautiful

When I think of rainbows and color, I often think of blending and mixing. Jody of Ginger Berry Quilts designed this mini pattern as the perfect example of this as it lets you explore color mixing and matching. Perfect for a table topper or wall hanging.

And more!

It’s so hard to fit everything into one blog post, because there is just SO MUCH fun stuff in this article! There is the Recipe column, plant corner, and Material Girl Comic Strip. But perhaps the most fun thing is the Color Horoscope where you can find your favorite color to quilt with and see what it says about you! 

Enjoy this issue by itself or with an annual subscription!

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