We are SO excited! We have been working on the Modish Quilter Magazine App for almost a year now! It’s been a long time coming and we are so excited to be releasing it now! 
New MQ app

why build an app?

From the very beginning, we knew we wanted to build something that would stand out. We created Modish Quilter Magazine to be different from all the other quilting magazines out there. Modish Quilter isn’t just a magazine – it’s a community! 

In an ever changing and digital world, we wanted to make sure that we were up to par with other modern companies. Each issue is tailored just for you, the modern quilter! With that in mind, we knew that ease and accessibility were important factors for Modish Quilter Magazine. 

Over the past year we have been building and prepping for the release of the Modish Quilter Magazine App. We hope that this new tool will help each of you find our content easier to access and more intuitive. You can download the app from the Google Play store or Apple Store. 

Who is the modish quilter magazine app for?

The Modish Quilter Magazine App isn’t just for our subscribers! It’s for everyone! When you download the app you will automatically have access to the free Sampler Issue! This issue is a great way to dip your toes into the “water”. You’ll be able to test out all the features that we have in our full-size issues and see if you like it. 

If you don’t subscribe but have purchased issues, you will be able to see these in your app when you log in! 

Subscribers will get the most out of this new experience! When you log in, you will see all your issues associated with your subscription. We currently only have Issues 9,10, and 11 available in the app– bear with us while we work on converting more past issues while also moving forward to create even better future issues. 

quilting app

so What's new?

Just like before, you will be able to access each of your issues. However, there are some new features that you’ll be able to access exclusively through the app! Not only will it be easier to access, view, and flip through your issues, but now there will be clickable links, intro videos, and video tutorials.

Not all patterns and tutorials will have videos to go with them. So make sure to look for the play button so you don’t miss out on the extra content! We hope to include and more and more of this kind of extra content with each new issue we release!

You will also be able to access our blog and home page from within the app. Making all our content easy to get to!

Here is a quick reference sheet on how to navigate through the issues in the app! We hope this will help your experience be seamless. And if you forget, don’t worry! We will be including this reference guide at the beginning of each new issue. 

where to get the modish quilter magazine app

You can get the Modish Quilter Magazine App from either the Google Play store or the Apple App Store! Just search for “Modish Quilter Magazine”. We hope you will enjoy the app and all it has to offer. As always, we will continue to work on making each new issue even better than the one before! 

Welcome to the new age of Modish Quilter!

modish quilter magazine app
navigating the app

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