2023 Sampler Issue

Diamond Drizzle

At Quilt Con last week we released our new 2023 Sampler Issue! It’s is mostly all the same as the free sampler from last year, but with one major change- the pattern! Last year’s pattern was the Nouvou pattern, which you can now find in our pattern shop for sale as an individual pattern. It […]

Top 7 Best Sewing Machine Features for Quilters

There are so many new and innovative sewing machines out there! It can be hard to choose which one will be best for you! So, we put together a list of the “Top 7 Best Sewing Machine Features for Quilters” that you should look for in your next machine! Just as an upfront disclaimer, I […]

Easy Trick or Treat Bags

These trick or treat bags are designed to go hand in hand with our “Chillin’ With My Gnomies” quilt block pattern! How cute are Halloween Gnomes!? You can have all sorts of fun with it! We made our halloween gnome have green skin and used the 2022 Sweet and Spooky fabric line by Art Gallery […]


hexagon y-seams

Have you ever heard of Y-seams before? A y-seam is an intersection where 3 seams come together to a point from various angles. It may “seam” tricky, but it is pretty straight forward! Follow along with our picture tutorial to find out how to piece together whole hexagons using y-seams!  This tutorial also goes hand-in-hand […]

Birthstones and Fabric

birthstone and fabric

I bet you’re wondering what birthstones and fabric have in common! Well, color is a powerful tool. The colors we use in our quilts evoke emotions and express a story to the viewer. We use color to classify and label so many things in our lives, including the month we were born in. As you […]

Inset Circles

The benefit of the inset circle is that you can really show off your fabric!

New Sampler Issue

Nouveau Pattern from Sampler Issue

We are proud to offer you this sampler issue as a way of introducing ourselves!

Permission to Ditch

You have not failed. You have chosen to let go of one thing and to move on to something better!

New Year Goals

Kiley with hoodie for New Year Blog

Our expectations were met and exceeded and it’s all thanks to our loving supporters!