Remove the 4 Toughest Stains Without Ruining Your Quilt

Removing Stains from quilts

At Modish quilter we strongly believe that quilts are made to be loved and used. When you use your quilts however, they’re likely to collect stains. Knowing how to properly care for your quilt and treat stains on them can help prolong the life of your quilts. So we’re proving you with the knowledge to […]

3 Dark Color Palettes to Inspire

Dark Color Palette Quilts

In Issue 6 of Modish Quilter we dived deep into the dark side of quilting and explored dark background quilts. Utilizing colors like black or dark gray can provide a beautiful contrast next to cooler toned colors. A great example of this is our Broken Weave quilt. For the background we used a charcoal gray. […]

5 Secrets to Making Quilts with Templates

There are many fun and unique quilt patterns that use non traditional shapes. These designs are achieved by making the quilt with templates. Sometimes you have to purchase a special ruler to be able to make the pattern. Oftentimes paper templates are included in the pattern. It’s a great benefit when paper templates are included, […]

Issue 6: The Dark Side of Quilting

issue 6 recap

When we consider the background fabrics to use in our quilt we often reach for our classic white solid. We know that it will work with any bundle of fabrics we want to pair it with because it’s a safe option. In Issue 6, The Dark Side of Quilting, we are challenging quilters to branch […]

Inset Circles

The benefit of the inset circle is that you can really show off your fabric!

New Sampler Issue

Nouveau Pattern from Sampler Issue

We are proud to offer you this sampler issue as a way of introducing ourselves!

Permission to Ditch

You have not failed. You have chosen to let go of one thing and to move on to something better!

New Year Goals

Kiley with hoodie for New Year Blog

Our expectations were met and exceeded and it’s all thanks to our loving supporters!