Issue 14: Nature

issue 14: Nature

Issue 14: Nature is like a walk through the forest. We love how each of the designs and tutorials helps us connect with and bring nature closer to us while we quilt. This is also our final issue of the Modish Quilter Magazine and we are so proud to make this one our last. Along […]

Issue 13: Retro

Our latest issue, Issue 13: Retro, is the perfect blend of nostalgic trends and colors for the modern quilter. There is so much to look at and gain inspiration from in this issue! Enjoy the walk down memory lane as we take you through the eras! Check out what’s included in this issue! Articles Psychology […]

Quilter’s Holiday Gift Guide

quilt calendar cover

This is a Quilter’s Holiday Gift Guide. That means that the things on this list are for Quilters! So if you have a significant other who needs help knowing what to get you for the holidays, send them this link and thank us later!  MQ MERCH We have slowly been expanding our quilty merchandise. We […]

5 Tips on Making Professional Looking Machine Binding

machine binding

Who says that’s not right? I’m sure you’ve run into the nay-saying quilt police before who say that machine binding your quilts is “wrong” or “cheating”. This perception is from the idea that you shouldn’t be able to see your stitching on the binding. it “should” be invisible. Well I’m here to tell you that’s […]

Issue 12: Texture

texture fabric

We are in LOVE with Issue 12: Texture. Everything from the patterns, tutorials, articles, and photos are full of texture-y goodness! We are so excited to share it with you! Take a look below at all the things that are included in this issue! Articles Let’s Talk Texture Ever wondered about all the different varieties […]

5 Tips for Preparing your Quilt for Longarm Quilting

trim quilt top threads

Are you preparing your quilt for longarm quilting? There’s a little bit of prep work you’ll need to do befor sending your quilt off for quilting. Here are a few things you can do to make your longarm experience go smoothly, both for your and your longarm quilter: Step 1: Clean & Press We spend […]

Quilting Inspired Home Decor

quilting inspired home decor

Incorporating your quilting inspired home decor can be tricky, but so rewarding! Not only is quilting an expensive hobby, but time consuming and made with all your love! You should be able to display your hard work in a way that makes a statement and makes your guests’ jaws drop!  how to incorporate quilts into […]

The Modish Quilter Magazine App

Modish Quilter Magazine App

We are SO excited! We have been working on the Modish Quilter Magazine App for almost a year now! It’s been a long time coming and we are so excited to be releasing it now!   DOWNLOAD APP TO IOS DOWNLOAD APP TO ANDROID why build an app? From the very beginning, we knew we wanted […]

Rainbow Fabric Bundle

rainbow fabric bundle

When planning our recent “Issue 11: Rainbow”, we wanted to design a pattern that would allow for more rainbow fabric than just your basic 7 colors of the rainbow. We chose 36 colors! We recently did a giveaway with Art Gallery Fabrics and Wonderfil for a FQ bundle of these 36 rainbow fabrics and coordinating […]

Issue 11: Rainbow

issue 11: rainbow

Issue 11: Rainbow is all about exploring color! This issue is so full of bright colors and creativity that we are positive you will find something to inspire you! Take a look below at a brief overview of what is included in this issue.  articles Rainbow makers spotlight This issue is special as we spotlight […]